Parents: Give Them Wings, Not Walls

With 4.5 million ER visits every year for college-age students, most families will deal with an emergency, health or safety issue during their university years. Don’t wait to get that phone call in the middle of the night. Be prepared for anything with the Umergency app.

"When the phone rang at 3 a.m., my heart sank. Our 18-year-old daughter, away at school, was in an ambulance headed to the ER with a serious injury. Click. The phone went dead. We scrambled for names, numbers and info. We felt helpless.”
~ Gail Schenbaum Lawton, co-founder Umergency

Umergency puts the power of information in the palm of your hand. Helping you navigate through any situation. Connecting you and your student with the most important local contacts. Pull up a map of nearby resources and keep your student's insurance information and digital medical consent form securely stored right where you want it. It’s always ready to go… on their phone and yours!

Umergency Is There When You Need It Most

  Urgent Alert Beacon
Notifies trusted contacts when your student needs immediate help

  Insurance Card Upload
So they're always covered

  Digital Medical Consent Form
Giving you direct access to their medical providers

  Friend, Roommate & Safety Contacts
Stay close without cramping their style

  Local Emergency Resources
Find the highest quality care nearby

Umergency allows you and your student to rest easy, knowing they’re prepared for whatever life throws at 'em.

Whenever. Wherever.